About me

Date of birth: 14.02.1995

Home town: Champvent

Representing: Switzerland

Studies: Bachelor in psychology

Coach: Gordon Crawford

Swiss team: Cadre C Swiss elite squad, Swiss Olympic Bronze Card

Club: Tryverdon

Strengths: resilient, will power, passionate, no filter

Weaknesses: judgemental (towards myself and others sometimes too), overthinking, obsessed with cats, no filter


After watching my older siblings take part in a triathlon relay when I was 5 I asked my mum to start this sport. Unfortunately there were no triathlon clubs where we lived then. I only got started with the sport at the age of 14.

As a kid I was already pretty sporty always playings sports in the garden with my siblings, taking part in school cross countries and after school clubs, swimming and synchronized swimming at the local swim club. 

When I was 13 we moved to another area in Switzerland and there was triathlon club nearby but, unfortunately, their kids section was completely full and they didn’t have any free spaces. So I just carried on going to swim practice with the swim club and ran with my dad sometimes. At the end of that same year I took part in a triathlon. Eventhough it was very chaotic ( I dressed up completely in transition and had a mountain bike) I did pretty well. After seeing me at the race, the tri club coach said I could actually come and train with them. I signed up straight away.  

After a first hectic racing season, where I had some surprisingly good race, I got selected to be a part of the national team. I have been part of the swiss team since then. I have represented Switzerland on multiple occasions for european and world championships. 

In 2019 I had a bad back injury which prevented me from racing for that whole season. The doctors had estimated the recovery time to around 18 months but through dedication and a lot of rehab I was able to get back to training in just 7. This whole experience wasn’t easy but it made me grow as an athlete. 

In 2021 I had a comeback season after 2 years out due to injury and covid, it was hard to get back into racing but I still managed to get some decent races. I am now fit and healthy and ready to race at my highest level.

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