10km Payerne

One week after coming back from Fuerteventura I took part in the 10km in Payerne. I had had a pretty easy week and was feeling fresh, My only worry was my 10km pacing. The last 10km I had done I had had such a painful stitch that I was forced to stop on the side of the road. This bad experience had stuck with me and I was scared of it happening again. 

So, when the gun went off, I set out at a pace I thought would be good. I felt really controlled for the first lap, maybe too comfortable…when i got to 8km I thought I would go all in, even if I had a stitch now I could push through. I was happy to get away with a new PB of 35’25 although a little disappointed of having underpaced myself in fear of this stitch. Nevertheless, I am happy to have been able to run a decent time on this 10km but next I know I can start faster.

Photo: Bettina Westermann, 27.02.2022

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