Alhandra European Cup

After racing in Ireland I went straight to Alhandra, Portugal for a european cup. I felt confident that I was back in business in the days leading into to race.

This race = frustration

I was swimming pretty well through the jelly fish 😳 and I could see I was in the first group so I didn’t try to overtake any girls as this is a difficult thing to do in the swim and costs a lot of energy. When I got out I was just at the back of the pack. I had a good transition but when I crossed the mount line some girls just stopped in front of me to get on their bike, that is where I lost the group… there was a hill just out of transition so the power I had to put in to get into the group would have been impossible, I tried but I failed. Soon I found myself trying to ride up with two girl but it felt useless as they weren’t really able to help much. We kept on loosing more and more time on that first pack. We then got cought by another group and that’s when we started loosing even more time as everyone was saving themselves for the run, great saving yourself for a top 30 ! I had a fast T2 and set out of transition first of my group. I was so angry that I went way too fast the firs 1,5km and kind of blew up after. I ended up having my worst ever result in a european cup, it was a very frustrating race. I guess I prefer world cups as at least you have people who can actually do triathlon in the whole field no just the top 15.

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