Irish Champs

I had been feeling a bit better and was able to train normally so me and my coach decided to do a low key race, with no pressure where no one would know me to see where I was. We decided Irish sprint championships was a good option.

So I headed to Dublin. The irish federation was so welcoming and organised everything for my stay there.

After a few days settling in it was race day. The weather conditions were perfect for race a bit cloudy but around 20 degrees.

The swim was a bit hectic for me. It was a deep water start and I basically got drowned from the get go. after a few seconds standing still I managed to get myself out of the pack by swimming to the left and start swimming into some clear water. I managed to pass the girls on the outside and soon found myself in third position. I was making ground on the girl who was second but the first girl was probably swimming at the same pace as me. I got out of the water with an other girl and we started chasing. After about 3-4km on the bike we caught up with the first girl who we quickly then dropped. We came into T2 with a healthy lead and it was going to ba a battle between her and me. I had a good transition and set out on the run first. After about 1km I already had about 150-200m on the second girl. I cruised to the end to take the tape.

It was good to be on a podium again and back racing ! now onto the next one

Thank you Ireland Triathlon for the warm welcome 😊

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