Fuerteventura Camp

On the 20th of January we flew to Fuerteventura for a month’s training camp with the swiss team.

My coach, Gordon Crawford, was also there as the Swiss elite team head coach. It was great having him at every session for this block. During those four weeks we were able to put in some quality work with the girls and build fitness. It was great to have a bigger group of girls to train with, it really pushed me on the harder sessions. 

Although my main goal this season is set on the World Triathlon short course racing, I set myself the challenge to race a half ironman before the beginning of my short course season so, as well as doing the faster sessions with the girls ( they are freaking fast!), I sometimes went for longer rides or runs to prepare for the 70.3. At first going longer was hell but as the camp went on I felt better each longer ride or run. 

By the end of camp I was knackered but felt ready for the season to come.

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